Available courses

Year 7 French grammar

Use this course to learn, practise, and reinforce the basics of French grammar typically learnt in Year 7.

Masculine / Feminine, articles, present tense and near future are the main components of this course.

Year 8 French grammar

Building on the Year 7 Grammar course, you will learn, revise or consolidate the main grammatical concepts of Year 8.

Present tense irregular, modal verbs, and perfect tense all forms.

Year 9 French grammar

In this course, you will finish covering the basics of French grammar at Key Stage 3. After revising a few key concepts from previous years, you will get a chance to learn, revise or master the difference between perfect and imperfect tense, the future simple and the conditional amongst other grammatical concepts.

GCSE Grammar revision

This course will help you revise all the key grammatical concepts seen at Key Stage 3 and develop them fully to be ready for the GCSE examination.

You will revise all the articles, prepositions, adjective, adverbs, tenses that will help you become fluent in French.

AQA GCSE Speaking preparation: role-play

This course is focused on the role-play cards for the AQA GCSE in French. The proven technique, combined with 48 different interactive speaking practise exercises with GCSE-level role-play cards will give  you the training you need to succeed in the first part of the oral examination.

AQA GCSE Speaking preparation: photo card

This second revision course will focus on the photo card exercise part of the AQA French GCSE speaking examination. Here you will learn how to take a systematic approach to maximise your performance in this part of the examination. Together we will go through 48 photo cards, deconstruct them and give you the tools to excel in this part of the examination.

AQA GCSE Speaking preparation: conversation

Preparing for the 2 conversations in the AQA French GCSE is not an easy thing to do online. In this course, I will give you the tools to prepare for virtually any question that may arise in the examination, and share with you the audio resources that I put together to enable you to prepare on your own for the longest part of the AQA oral examination.

GCSE French Tips & Tricks

In this free course, I will give you some alternative ideas on how to revise, build up vocabulary and full prepare yourself for the AQA GCSE in French. I will share some of my most popular resources to help you become a true independent learner.

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